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Sunt doar franturi de ganduri ... desprinse toate din acel ceva ... si doar inima iti poate spune frumusetea ta ...

duminică, 12 februarie 2012

Loving you ...

Love doesn’t care for the past or the future
Doesn’t care about the poet or the actor,
Doesn’t care about the beautiful or the ugly,
Doesn’t care about the elegant or the unpleasant

Love, always appears when you expect the least
Appears when all hope is vanquished by the world’s cruelty
Appears without any explanation
And makes you walk with grace.

So my thoughts run to you
And my heart smiles to you
I would make you crown of stars as gift
Your face embarrasses our thought and my lips

White flowers bloom from your heart
For me, to be your princess
And you, to be my lover, my shining star
You, with your smile bring light in my life ...

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